Players can use the musket skill to defeat opponents in New World

Players can use the musket skill to defeat opponents in New World


If players can find the best combination of equipment and skills in New World, they will perform better in the game. While light armor in the game is attractive because it provides 20% more damage, the high defense of heavy armor is better than that. Players can learn more about New World from

When it comes to armor, Onyx gems are extremely valuable in all activities, as they further reduce the physical damage the player takes. In New World, the Axe is the only weapon in the game that can use a passive skill that prevents a death every three minutes, as well as a high damage skill and an extremely powerful buff in the form of rage. Players can Buy New World Coins with the Best Service at

The same goes for Great Axes, which can deal a lot of damage while also providing decent buffs and utility skills, as well as self-healing. However, agility weapons don't seem to be that great, as they deal very little damage compared to strength weapons, and they're focused on the mobile playstyle.

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However, recently a player shared a clip of them beating two opponents in PvP with a musket, showing staggering damage to enemy players. Players use a combination of musket skills to help deal more damage to enemies, such as marksman stance and gunpowder burning, which can inflict crazy damage on unwitting opponents.

But the New World Gold enemy didn't try to avoid shots or run in unpredictable ways, nor did they heal themselves after taking damage. Still, the run mode may depend on the fact that they don't see the marksman, and thus cannot avoid their shots, and healing can only be done with a life staff or potion, with cooldowns to be considered.

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