Sandalwood is another highly popular wood type

Wooden beads have been inherited by this world from the generations past. The beads of abacus were normally made with wood.

Wooden beads have been inherited by this world from the generations past. The beads of abacus were normally made with wood. It seems to be the first instrument made for calculations millenniums ago. The prayer beads made of a variety of woods were very much in vogue in almost all the religions of the world. These were used by priests and laymen alike. Wood might have been the very first material to be used for making round pieces to make a variety of items including prayer beads. It was easily available.

There was almost no shortage of supply. It was cheaper than any other find and material. Shells, pearls, metals and other such items were surely expensive than wood. Moreover wood was easy to work with. Wherever there was wood the beads could be prepared in abundance. Wood is a very interesting material. It can be shaped, painted, cured, sanded to polish, drilled to string dyed and coated with Custom Wooden crafts other matter easily. It has been seen that wood carving was also a kind of pastime for journeymen in the past. All this leads to establish the popularity of wooden beads that eventually came to be used for making jewelry also. Wood used for Beads An important feature of the wood to be used for making beads is the strength of the matter. It should have a high frangible count so that it does not splint away while curing, beading and carving. The wood should not be fragile in nature. Some of the main types of woods used for making beads are solid but pliable. The wooden beads are preferably prepared from some of the hardy woods. The main species to be used are olive, sandalwood, bamboo, ebony, rosewood, palm, pear and apple etc. the popularity of these types comes from the fact of their malleability and strength. Olive, for example is a tree that has a dark hard core and beautiful red grains. The inner core not only gets hard through time it begins to give out beautiful patterns. When the beads are prepared from olive and sand polished, no dye and extra colour is needed due to the wonderful red-black patterns coming naturally over the surface.  

Sandalwood is another highly popular wood type for making beads. It is used world over in making prayer beads. Almost all the religious denominations in the world consider sandalwood to be a sanctified wood for making prayer beads. Its aroma is said to bring calmness and inner strength in the user and wearer. Rosewood is another popular type. The most characteristic merit in rosewood emanates from the dark and dense grains that give wonderful feel of finish to the beads. Its aroma is similarly very pleasing and adds to the merits for choosing it to make beads. Bamboo is primarily used for making decorative beads; ebony for its grains and finishing and pear and apple for their hardy character. The common thread running through their popularity is the quality of the grains and strength of the base of the bead. The most important regions producing wooden beads are Southern Asia and Middle East. European bead makers are also famous for their exquisite designs and quality of workmanship.

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