Before you start this journey towards the Blast Furnace

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In order to lower your entry fee We recommend you purchase an entry fee reduction by acquiring the Ring of Charos (a). Be careful not to use the option to RuneScape gold pay with that Blast Furnace foreman since it will invalidate the effects of the ring. It is possible to acquire this ring by completing The Creature of Fenkenstrain questline.

Bringing Ice Gloves and ice to the Blast Furnace will assist when using the bar dispenser because they will cool the bars in a short time for you to collect. This will cut down on time, instead of having to collect buckets of water repeatedly to cool your bars (and it will save space in your inventory too!).

Before you start this journey towards the Blast Furnace itself It's worth noting that it's only accessible in the following worlds: 352 (355), 355, 358 386, and 387. After you've spoken with the Giant Dwarf , and then walked into Keldagrim the next step is to turn north and work your way across the bridge. Once you've crossed it, continue south until you are able to see your Blast Furnace icon on the map. Inside the designated building go downstairs, and you'll locate the furnace.

After this is done then it's much simpler to travel to the site later on. You can take advantage of it by taking the Grand Exchange shortcut on cheap OSRS GP the northwest wall, go on a trip in the minecart through Ice Mountain mines for dwarves or make use of the minigame's group finder that will let you enter the building.



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