UK's Johnson urges end to N Ireland deadlock, spars with EU

UK's Johnson urges end to N Ireland deadlock, spars with EU


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is heading to Northern Ireland on Monday to try to end a political deadlock that is preventing the formation of a regional administration.

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The trip comes amid threats by Johnson's government to break the Brexit agreement with the European Union that it signed, but now blames for the crisis.

Johnson said there would be “a necessity to act” if the EU didn't agree to overhaul post-Brexit trade rules.

Voters in Northern Ireland elected a new Assembly this month, in an election that saw Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein win the most seats. It was the first time a party that seeks union with the Republic of Ireland has won an election in the bastion of Protestant unionist power.

The Democratic Unionist Party came second and is refusing to form a government, or even allow the assembly to sit, until Johnson’s government scraps post-Brexit checks on goods entering Northern Ireland from the rest of the U.K.

Under power-sharing rules set up as part of Northern Ireland’s peace process, a government can’t be formed without the cooperation of both nationalist and unionist parties.


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