Flamenco in Granada

Flamenco in Granada
Flamenco in Granada


One of the most popular attractions that visitors to the city of Granada can enjoy is a Flamenco show. As with many of the major cities in Spain there are several venues where such shows take place. But with the ones that are available to enjoy in Granada you may find that this differ slightly from others. Plus as the shows take place sometimes late in the evening it is worth considering booking a hotel for the night so you can really Casa Mila gaudi enjoy the spectacle of this event.

So what flamenco shows are worth considering a visit when you come to Granada? Below we take a look at just a number of these.

Show 1 - Sala Alhambra

The actual performances do not commence until 10.15 in the evening. But with this particular show you have the choice to enjoy a wonderful meal or just a drink as it takes place.

Show 2 - Zambra de Maria la Canastera

This is much more than a flamenco show to be enjoyed in one of the caves that surround the city of Granada. After being collected from your hotel at 9.00 pm you will then be taken on a tour of the Moorish Albayzin area of the city before then arriving at the cave where the performances will take place. As you sit watching the artistes at work you can enjoy a pleasant drink as well.

Show 3 - Zambra Gitana la Rocio

This is the show that comes with one of the most beautiful backdrops for the artistes to perform in front of. As you watch the dancers and listen to the guitars you are enthralled by the floodlit Alhambra Palace that you can see in the background. As with the previous show before you enjoy the dancing you will be taken on a tour that starts at 9.30pm.



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