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Once again at Oldak's lab, you may enter a dialog about ways to develop your new Dramen Tree. I really don't know how we are RS gold supposed to develop a tree underground. Not to worry, the tree grew underground also, you know. We only need a fertile and magical patch. How can we get this? Well, I am no gardner, however I had a chat with somebody...

Hmmm, possibly a 5 to 10 ratio, with 5 parts excretory compound enhanced with the energies native of fairies, and 10 parts common complex fertilization merchandise improved using a pure form of basic magic. WHAT?! In English please! Hm? Oh, if you would like a less scientific outline, 10 buckets of super compost and 5 buckets of ... waste. Oh, okay. Wait, that is not all. The super compost should be fortified with rune character, pure nature to be precise. The camel dung should be mixed with pure character charged with energy that is linked to this Dramen Tree. I believe so.

Ok, you have to get 10 buckets of super compost, and then use a hammer 10 pure essence, then grind up each with a pestle and mortar and add them into the Cheap OSRS gold super compost. Do exactly the same with five cosmic runes, and insert them of dung. Take these to Oldak, and use these on the Farming patch next door. Plant the Dramen Seed. Speak to Oldak and he will suggest that while you wait, you collect as much information on whatever is holding Zanik. He can think of two places to learn about Bandos: the Goblin Temple, along with the ogres.


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