How To Create And Sell NFMusicNFT Without Commission

We wrote above that NFMusicNFT tokens created using the Ethereum blockchain are the most common.

What if you use another blockchain? Polygon is supported on the same OpenSea. And lo and behold, at the time of this writing, it could be used to mint NFMusicNFT and put them up for sale without a commission, that is, for free.

It is very important to note here that the probability of selling some abstract NFMusicNFT on the marketplace without promotion is extremely low. You need to promote your tokens in the real world. How? This is for everyone to decide for themselves.

  • A blogger with a large audience can offer her photos, videos, paintings in the form of tokens.
  • Stars can use news media publications about their unusual lots. Journalists are happy to publish this.
  • You can simply catch the hype by putting up for sale something really blowing the roof, create and replicate this newsbreak and drive on the hype. For example, one company came up with the idea of ​​selling random sets of numbers. Why not? If you can buy a plot on the moon, why not buy your own number?




Today, NFT sales are a kind of hype. The lack of a legal framework and judicial practice does not allow using this method as a full-fledged version of copyright and property rights certification. However, this disadvantage is also the main advantage of NFT. 

In a closed community where all participants accept the NFT terms and conditions, there are no intermediaries in transactions, expensive proof of copyright, excessive formalism and many legal obstacles. Try to prove copyright on a meme, and then sell it at a regular auction - the task is almost impossible. And in the NFT community, this is more than real.

It is likely that in a short time NFT will become a generally accepted and legitimate mechanism for proof of ownership with the appropriate legal status. And then the cost of already purchased tokens can increase many times over.

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