Best Way To Remove Silicone Lube

Safely remove harmful bacteria, lube, and chemicals from all surfaces, bedding, furniture, toys and skin with a safe and easy to use silicone lubricant cleaner.


Silicone lube cleaners are made to cleanse and lubricate sensitive skin and replace it with a soft and silky touch. Lube makes the skin smooth, shiny, and healthy for your sensitive intimate parts so that the next time you go to the bedroom, they look smooth, refreshed and plumper. When you get out of the shower or bath, your skin feels soft, smooth, and ready for the world again.

Silicone lube can be harmful if it is not removed correctly. You may have heard that some lubricants cannot be used in laundry detergents or dishwasher detergents. This is simply not true. This myth has probably been created by companies that are trying to get rid of their old lubricants. They will try to convince you that it cannot be cleaned away, when in reality it can.

This safe and easy to use silicone lube cleanser 2 oz works wonderfully on almost any surface. Silicone can be removed using this gentle cleanser on the dishwasher detergent, fabric softener and laundry detergent. You can also use it to clean marble, granite, ceramic tile, countertops, shower surrounds, shower walls and tub surrounds.

Silicone is completely inert, meaning it will not damage or dissolve in water. There are no fumes or chemicals to worry about either. It does not strip or change color as other cleaners might.

This product is safe to use around children too. It is free of BPA and phthalates, so it is safe for use in the home. The easy to use lube cleanser cloth will remove any type of grease or grime that you encounter in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else.

This simple, effective and safe cleaning product will restore the clear and fresh look to your counter tops, tiles, floors and shower walls. If you are tired of struggling to get cleaner, healthier looking skin then you need to give this product a try.

The best part about this product is that it comes in two sizes to handle all types of household projects. Each Lube Cleanser Cloth comes with a one ounce application brush to make it easy to spread it around your sink, tub or whatever else you use to wash and clean. Also, read about how to clean silicone in this post.

The large one ounce application brush is also perfect for rinsing out all those condoms and other intimate items. The Lube Cleaner Cleanser cloth works great on the car, motorcycle and truck seats. After using this cleaner on a few occasions you will probably wonder how you ever lived without it before!

Another great product that will allow you to clean all of those messes you have in your bedroom, bathroom or anywhere else you store your sex toys is a sex toy cleaner that comes in three different sizes.

These quality cleaning products will remove all types of pet stains like oil, sweat or food. They can even remove silicone lube stains. This quality cleaning product will remove all types of pet dander, soap scum and even chocolate and orange juice. You'll be able to find all different types of toys that are made of silicone in these convenient packets. Read more about how to clean silicone lube from sheets here.

If you are someone who is allergic to silicone, then you will want to skip over any type of oil based lubes. They can actually cause more skin irritation then they will cure. Water based lubes are your best solution if you have sensitive skin and are looking for the best way to freshen up after you clean up before you go to bed.

One of the best ways to keep your toys clean is by using a lube spray or bottle that is specially formulated to wash your sex toys with. Always make sure you rinse off your toys completely with a fresh water based lube spray before you use them to avoid causing any other unwanted messes on your bed or in your bedroom. You don't want to ruin your sheets or make them all stained from oil based lubes. So don't put those lubes in your pillow case next to your bed! Keep those lubes where they belong!

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