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1)    Auto insurance safeguards the investments made in the vehicle. Generally, auto insurance covers most of the damages caused to the car. 2)    An accident may cause injuries to the car as well as to the driver. The medical bills and hospital charges are also covered by the auto insurance. This is an important benefit obtained with the auto insurance in case the third party is hurt in the accident. 3)    The importance of auto insurance is strongly felt when the owner needs to face lawsuit and costly damages after the accident. Car insurance helps in paying a major portion of such heavy costs.4)    Auto insurance offers protection to the vehicle as well as reduces the effect on other assets of the owner. These are inclusive of home, bond investments and retirement funds. 5)    If the third party injured in the accident is under- insured or uninsured, then the owner may have to pay large amounts as compensation.


6)    Apart from accidents on the road, some other incidences are also responsible for the damage or loss of the vehicle. These are inclusive of natural disasters, vandalism and theft. Auto insurance protects against such damages and incidents.  In short, auto insurance offers peace of China Custom Car Wiper Manufacturers  mind to the owner. There are numerous factors that decide how much coverage a policy can offer. Lower the amount of premium, smaller will be the coverage. Hence one must try to buy an insurance that offers adequate coverage at an affordable price. All the reasons mentioned above also state the type of coverage the auto insurance offers. These are known as liabilities.



The types of liabilities are as follows:1)    Bodily injury liability : Covers the compensation for body injuries of the other party2)    Property Damage Liability: Covers the repairing or replacing cost of the third party's property3)    Uninsured or Under- insured motorist liability: Covers the medical cost and hospital charges for the owner of the vehicle in case the opposite guilty party doesn't have adequate coverage.4)    Personal Injury liabilities: Coverage for the owner's medical treatment after the accident5)    Collisions and comprehensive 6)    Extras.

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