Chinese minor car engine connecting rod often uses forged steel connecting rod

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product’s systematic and modular level is not high. And with the unreasonable product structure, the development of current parts industry has lagged far behind the automotive industry. Such as engine parts connecting rod and camshaft have lag technologies. They also affect the rapid development of automobile industry to some extent.The current Chinese auto parts enterprises not only faced with fierce competition in the fierce impact of multinational corporations and Chinese enterprises homogenization, extrusion and downstream of the upstream raw material silicon powder’s costs of the host and distributors constantly improve the product quality standards. The status of most Chinese auto parts enterprises is the low level of China car wipers factory specialization, product development capability is weak.


The vast majority of parts enterprises does not have the product development capabilities, product development, rely mainly on OEM, it is difficult to adapt to the requirements of vehicle replacement, lower their core competitiveness. As a result, enterprises under the pressure of rising costs and can not effectively get conduction, forcing the level of corporate earnings continue to decline.Face the current difficulties, and actively cultivate their core competitiveness has become the current business problem that needs addressing. Automobile core components, with higher added value: the engine intake and exhaust valves, engine connecting rod in the transmission gear synchronizer cone ring and pump the main driven gear and so on. These components, the core technology of the mainstream, are the metal powder technology. Link is the important parts on the engine, connecting rod fatigue test load on the introduction of models and drawings provided, and requirements under the load of the fatigue cycles to reach more than 5 million.

Chinese minor car engine connecting rod often uses forged steel connecting rod and casting rod. Its fatigue time is difficult to reach more than 500 000. Because the tendon parts of the connecting rod is not though cutting. A small defect will has great influences on the connecting rod’s fatigue life. Foreign mainstream rods always use powder forging, such as the GM's Buick. The Germany's BMW even connects rod to achieve a tensile strength of 1041MPa. Therefore, in order to cultivate the core competitiveness, top priority problem is to seek the development of powder metallurgy technology. It will become the breakthrough point to enhance the already weak competitiveness of China's auto parts.Sourc:

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