A Word on Spelling Mistakes In Essays | 2021 Guide

There are all kinds of mistakes that people often make without even realizing it.


You work on your essay week in week out, doing brainstorming, researching, and writing, and rewriting. You want the end product to reflect upon the effort you put in. The instructor, evaluator, or the reader starts reading the essay, which you believe will blow their mind. The reader, however, finds numerous typos in the essay and ends up rating your essay poorly or legit essay writing service find errors in it.


Your heart sinks as you realize what just happened. You then go through the entire document to fix every typo you can find, but nothing seems to match up with how it sounded in your head. This is an all-too-common scenario coming from most students who have submitted their work on a number of occasions, especially when they are writing something new or on a different subject that they may not be that familiar with. The following tips will offer some practical advice for avoiding reoccurring typos in essays:


1) Proofread Your Work Before SENDING IT FOR EVALUATION


Always ask someone else to proofread your work  before you send it for evaluation. It is advisable to have someone who doesn't know a lot about your topic or subject read through the essay as they will be able to spot mistakes that might not catch an eye of an expert or someone working in the field you are writing on.


2) Proofread Your Work Before PUBLISHING IT ONLINE


It's important also to proofread your work if, after revisions, you intend publishing it online through blogs or other various digital mediums. The internet can be unforgiving for all kinds of spelling mistakes and typos in documents, so make sure that whatever content you publish has been double-checked by yourself before you press "Publish". Some people may find this thought hard to believe, but it happens.


3) Proofread Your Work For Common Mistakes


Your essay shouldn't have these kinds of mistakes: "you're" instead of "your", "it's" instead of "its". These are basic spelling that should be checked as they can be easily overlooked. There may also be issues with grammar, and Punctuation (punctuation). The different parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, adverbs etc., need to follow different sets of rules for each one; mixing them up can render the whole sentence wrong or confusing to read. You should know how to use commas (), brackets [ ], semi-colons ; and Apostrophe ' . Familiarize yourself with these punctuations so you don't end up confusing them in your essay.


4) Know Your Strength and Weakness


Always keep a track of the areas where you are good at and not so good at, this will help you to know what to look out for when proofreading your essay. For example, if you are in a habit of writing "uf" instead of "of", then it would be wise to spend more time on double checking those words such as full, off, offer etc. This will prevent any future spelling mistakes that may take away from the quality of your paper or even worse have it rejected by the evaluator due to numerous mistakes. Proofreading is an important step all writers should be doing before submitting their work whether they intend publishing online or not. By following the above-suggested tips, you can avoid a lot of reoccurring typos in our essays hence improving your writing skills overall.


5) Know Your Own Weakness and Sharpen it


If you are prone to making mistakes with commas (,) then make sure you put more time checking for them. If it's the other way around and I don't really have any serious running mistake on commas, I'll spend most of my time checking for those pesky apostrophes that will always be there lurking somewhere out there just waiting to mess up my work with its nefarious ways. Regardless how good you get at proofreading your own work or having others do it for you, remember one thing: no one is perfect and many people used best essay writing service in usa. I know for myself I shall never stop worrying and checking on my own work to ensure that is it free from all the silly mistakes out there.




If you do make a typo, don't think about putting it down as a bad job right away and throwing the whole essay in the bin. More likely than not, your subconscious mind will be able to spot whatever mistake you made and correct it while writing another sentence or thought. It's only when your mind is distracted with other things (like talking on the phone, chatting to someone else etc.) that this doesn't happen and extra care needs to be taken during those times especially if your main intention is publishing online for any kind of audience to see.




There are all kinds of mistakes that people often make without even realizing it. Here're some examples of how you can avoid them and make your writing look more professional:


Avoid the use of "u" instead of "you", for example, "The student is well known as u r in this school" should be replaced with either "You're" or if you are being fancy then, "You are". Knowing meanings behind words is a must just like knowing what sentence construction does each part of speech has. They both help improve your grammar skills which will surely place you among top writers out there no matter on what kind of writing you do.


8) The Final Chapter: About Proofreading


Proofreading is one of those things that either has the potential to make your work look more professional or ruin it completely. There's a lot to be said about proofreading and how much time each writer puts into the process. Some people like myself put in extra hours just checking on their own works, some will get others to check it out for them and others simply won't care at all if there are errors because they're not publishing online anyways or using online essay writing service. Regardless which category you fall under, I'm sure we can all agree that taking time to proofread is important before submitting anything whether it's an essay, article (blog), story etc. 




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