How to write a good essay

The most important thing students should know when they begin writing an essay is that while there may be a "perfect" written statement, planning the perfect essay is virtually impossible.


Although every essay should follow a similar structure, there is no basic number of paragraphs, or arguments to be made, or predetermined checklist that teachers use to mark the requirements met for all essays in every subject. This is because no two essays are the same - essays are designed to allow ideas to flow freely, to show the writer's personality and opinion.

Trying to imitate someone else's idea of the perfect essay can stifle your creativity, so don't stress about having to write a certain way and just start writing.

Although it sounds simple, we understand why students focus on producing the perfect written statement if they want to get a high grade. Educational websites and articles provide students with information about and perfect grades, perfect exam results important for further education and tips on how to write an exemplary essay, of course.

If there is such a thing as a perfect essay, why does every essay writer offer slightly different ideas on how to write it? If the perfect essay does indeed exist, it is only because you have made it perfect by the way you have approached your chosen topic and how you have formulated your thoughts to reach your final conclusion.

If you were to ask a teacher if he or she could pick one perfect essay out of all the ones he or she has ever seen, he or she would find it utterly impossible, because every student has should write my essay and unique experiences from which he or she draws inspiration and interprets and analyses the text quite differently from others.

What's more, the emotions that manifest in essays are what teachers want, and no one will convince us that we should all feel the same when we read a book or write an essay!

Writing an essay can be a difficult task. The unwary can fall into one of many pitfalls, but don't despair! The following tips will help you avoid some common mistakes...


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