How To Clean Your Bathroom Properly

Let us look at how to clean the bathroom properly and thoroughly.


One of the hardest places to clean is always the bathroom, removing the stains and grimes that are lodged between the tiles and walls is a huge task. Cleaning the shower, the basin, and all will require time and effort. We have to make sure that we don’t leave any cracks or scratches on the surface during cleaning. Also not just cleaning is needed, but properly disinfecting the surface is needed. Let us look at how to clean the bathroom properly and thoroughly.


How To Clean Your Bathroom Properly


1. The Tiles

The joints between the tiles, the line that runs across them can collect a lot of grime and settle there, giving rise to mold and every kind of problem like pungent smell and slipperiness. So start with the tiles first. Start scrubbing the tiles either with a combination of bleach and water or a cleaning solution, wear gloves all the time. Removing the grime from tile can take up some time depending on how sticky and hard they are. Apply the cleaning solution, then wait for some time before starting the scrubbing, as we should give the cleaning solution enough time to do its job. D it multiple times until no grime is left behind.


2. The Basin

The basin is an easy target for stains and other stuff such as oil and your hairs and so on. While cleaning the basin proper care has to be taken not to damage the surface, because certain cleaning solutions are suitable, so make sure the cleaning solution is made for basins. Apply the solution, leave it for some time, then use a soft brush or nonabrasive cloth to wipe and clean. Do it till the basin sparkles. Also, clean the tap or any other accessories near the basin that you use regularly. It is always best to use a solution that provides disinfection apart from just normal cleaning.


3. Toilet

When it comes to the toilet cleaning the entire area is important, start with the exterior as dirt and grime can get lodge in between the toilet seat hinges, properly clean the area, then use a cleaning solution with disinfection properties and allow it to settle down for some time. Then flush it and apply the solution again, to maximize the cleanliness. Use a toilet brush to clean it thoroughly, after the process, clean the toilet brush also with the solution rinse it, and dry it.


4. The Tub

The tub is always the hotspot for mold and mildew, so properly cleaning the tub is important not to give any chance, not even a small chance for them to grow. Depending on the tub material, use an appropriate cleaning solution and scrub gently with a soft brush as you do not want to leave any stuff marks on the surface. Do it gently and multiple times till the grime is cleared and not visible anymore.

5. The Exhaust Fan

The one place that everyone forgets to clean is the exhaust fan. The exhaust fan blades and grills can get accumulated with dust and cobwebs, so check your exhaust fan and remove every dust and other particles that have accumulated and settled on it.



Cleaning the bathroom is a time-consuming process, especially if you are a facility owner like a hotel, resort, or property owner. Even for homeowners, it is difficult because it involves a lot of scrubbing, bending down which can be hard for elderly people and would take away a lot of your time. The easiest way to make sure that your bathrooms are properly cleaned and disinfected is by approaching a cleaning expert who can clean the bathroom inside out and leave no space unattended. They would have the right set of tools and cleaning solutions for all the surfaces and you can be tension-free, as the surface won’t get damaged.

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