4 Exciting Topics IT Students Should Know

IT students are always on the lookout for topics so that they can explore more and come up with a good idea for their papers


IT students are always on the lookout for topics so that they can explore more and come up with a good idea for their papers. They seek Information Technology assignment help when they are unable to select an interesting idea. If you are searching for topics, you should take a look at the following aspects.

1. Zero-Knowledge Proofs

IT advancement is more in demand due to the ever-increasing security threats. With the advent of cryptocurrency, zero-knowledge proofs were introduced to protect the privacy of users. The transactions are kept anonymous, which had not been the case, would have severely damaged many businesses.

The acronym zk-SNARK (zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge) is one of the most prominent zero-knowledge proof. Thus, it is something looking into if you are interested in Blockchain technology.

2. Parallel Computing  

In this era, a different computational framework is in use. Today, linear inverse problems are being solved using parallel computing approach. If you are writing an assignment on IT and the latest developments, you should definitely include this point. And, if you struggle to find the necessary resources, avail of computer science assignment help.  

Gustafson-Barsis' Law paved the way for an alternate method to calculate the potential speedup of the application.

3. Wikipedia is Downloadable

You can download the entire database within a few seconds. All you need is a reader. In this regard, you can try out XOWA. It is compatible with various platforms like Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Android, Windows, etc.

In fact, the whole file is 14 GB compressed and 58 GB uncompressed. Thus, you can carry the entire Wikipedia in a single USB Flash Drive. Interestingly, you can get Information Technology research paper help from vast resource.

4. A Majority of the Internet Traffic is Non-Human

Are you aware of the fact that 51% of Internet traffic is "non-human'? There is a reason why IT security is a matter of grave concern and needs to be upgraded now and then. Almost 30,000 websites are hacked every day, and cybercriminals are looking for ways to exploit vulnerable sites. 31% of the traffic is made up of hacking programs, spammers, and malicious phishing. Not to forget the viruses and the ransomware applications. If you wonder, “Can I pay someone to do my homework?” then you can take the help of professional experts.  


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